Artist Representation

Olga Berdé Mahl protects the interest of artists whether in housing, finance, art or preservation of their estates.

Protection Of Artists' Work

Artists have unique professional business and legal issues. They require protection of copyrights for graphic work and other creative, unique endeavors. Copyright protection in the U.S. differs from the EU and Japan. Copyright protection in the Far East presents complex issues.

Art And Galleries

Artists need to be concerned about their arrangements with the galleries they work with to assure that they will be paid. They need contracts clearly defining costs, insurance and other key issues to assure that they are protected. International transactions likewise require assurances to protect the artist. Olga Berdé Mahl's commitment to artists spans her entire professional career.

She conceived and wrote the most extensive and beneficial program for artists to obtain substantial revenue and commissions throughout the United States. It is known as "1 Percent for Art."

1 Percent For Art In Public Buildings

The law stipulates that 1 percent of publicly financed properties (schools, courts, hospitals, airports, transportation systems, etc.) include art by modern American living artists in each such building. The total spent on art since its inception in 1984 is incalculable.

Artists And Their Estates

Artists do not generally consider how to preserve their body of work upon their death or at the end of a long career.

To whom should they entrust the management and safekeeping of their body of work? Wills, powers of attorney and arranging for a good and safe protector and seller to preserve their reputation are essential, and the experience of Olga Berdé Mahl in this specialty is rare.

The use of nonprofits or foundations for artists and their work is seldom explored, but is a necessary consideration to protect artists' work. Gifting art to institutions with a contract to protect, preserve and make available the artists' work to the public is an important part of the specialty of Olga Berdé Mahl.