Business Development

Olga Berdé Mahl is not just a lawyer. She is an entrepreneur and businesswoman. She shares your entrepreneurial spirt and knowledge as:

  • Former owner of a distinctive 28-story modern office building in New York City
  • Former owner and developer of Liberty Trade Center: Pacific Rim Trade Center in Brooklyn
  • Founder of the New Yorker Club in Manhattan
  • Developer of four major cooperative conversions in Manhattan

New York City business law attorney Olga Berdé Mahl has more than 40 years of business law experience. If you are planning to start a business, she will apply her years of experience and legal skills to protect your financial and personal interests and create partnerships, joint ventures or operating agreements to protect your investments. She offers a holistic perspective to foresee and mitigate business or legal issues and ramifications associated with your business plans before they surface as problems. She anticipates and protects.

Take Proactive Measures When Developing A New Business

You should start early before the business is actually established so that a strategic business plan is created, and income and expense projection is created, the parties have planned for the business costs for a least six months so they are not under capitalized (the biggest reason most businesses fail); establish solid bank relationships and create lines of credit as may be anticipated; a business plan on how to run the business, the responsibilities of each of the business partners, will each partner sign bank guarantees or notes, repayment agreements should one partner advance funds on behalf of the other.

Whether you are looking to establish a small or midsize business in New York, obtain experienced legal counsel to get started on a solid legal and financial footing. Contact Manhattan business development attorney Olga Berdé Mahl online or call 914-336-2080 for consultation.

Contributing To New York's Robust Business Climate For 40 Years

Business law attorney Olga Berdé Mahl's track record of success is a matter of common knowledge. Her business and legal skills help support the development of new businesses in New York City, further strengthening commerce opportunities in Manhattan. She will apply her years of experience and legal skills to address your business development needs, including:

  • Entity selection (corporation, limited liability company, joint venture, doing business as)
  • Business financing
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Commercial and residential real estate acquisition, financing and development
  • Commercial, industrial, restaurant, bar, store, retail and office leasing
  • Product or service creation and promotion
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Tax-structure financing
  • Contract negotiation, including vendor agreement negotiations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Due-diligence investigations
  • Risk assessment and litigation avoidance
  • Record-keeping policies
  • Joint venture creation and protection
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Insurance issues
  • Succession plans, renovation and final sales of businesses

She has a strong background creating, writing and reviewing business plans and for small and large real estate properties from co-ops/condos to office, retail, commercial and industrial spaces. Olga Berdé Mahl & Associates provides strategic planning needed for profit and not-for-profit business ventures from startup to expansion. Trust the business development and corporate law advice of Olga Berdé Mahl, a successful New York business owner and attorney.

Contact A Highly Skilled Staten Island, Bronx And Brooklyn Business Financing Attorney

Visionaries are in short supply in the legal profession. When your financial and business interests are on the line, consult a highly skilled business development and financing attorney. Contact a New York City business lawyer online or call 914-336-2080 to protect your best interests.

Attorney Olga Berdé Mahl is committed to representing clients in the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan. She also has extensive experience handling cases in New Jersey and Connecticut, nationally and internationally.