Choosing A Caregiver For Your Aging Parent Or Loved One

Not everyone is familiar with the process of dealing with issues concerning aging parents or loved ones. The reality is that you need an advocate to help guide you through the process and minimize issues that could potentially be roadblocks. At Olga Berdé Mahl & Associates, you have both a lawyer and an advocate standing ready to protect your interests. Our law firm works specifically with individuals facing issues involving elder care of parents, relatives and friends, planning and more.

Attorney Olga Berdé Mahl has years of experience working with individuals throughout the country who face the challenge of planning ahead for an aging parent or relative living in New York. Our law firm is unique in that it offers comprehensive legal representation and advocacy for elder care and planning.

What's different about our firm is that we provide comprehensive estate and long-term care planning. We can address last-minute issues that arise and prevent challenges from arising in the future.

There is only a 30-day look-back period (not 5 years) and no spend down to keep your parents at home with the caregiver of your choice. We can help with the process of choosing your caregiver and with issues concerning NYSARC trusts and help explain the financial benefits of these.

Choosing Your Own Elder Care Provider For A Parent or other Aging Person

Did you know that you can choose your own personal care assistant/home health aide for your aging parent? You do not have to resort to having your aging loved ones in a nursing home or care facility and face a government claw back to recover costs.

While there are some specific requirements for a caregiver, you can still get the financial necessities through Medicare/Medicaid planning for in-home care for your aging parent. We can also help you protect extra income (such as Social Security, pension and retirement funds) while still having enough to be able to choose your caregiver and care for your parent at home.

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