Medicaid Planning: Eligibility And Requirements For Long-Term Planning

Medicaid planning has very specific rules and eligibility requirements. If you are working with an aging parent to help plan ahead, you will likely need guidance from an experienced advocate who can help you through the Medicaid planning process. At Olga Berdé Mahl & Associates, we have significant experience working with clients in New York who need guidance in long-term care planning, elder care and related issues.

The difference in working with our firm is that you have an experienced lawyer advocating for your interests who has been through the elder care/planning process providing alternatives to nursing homes and providing personal one-on-one care for her parents, herself and her own family. Attorney Olga Berdé Mahl has years of legal experience and provides comprehensive legal services for her clients.

Eligibility For Medicaid And Long-Term Planning

Medicaid planning plays an important part in long-term care planning. Our firm can help determine eligibility and how to avoid costly nursing home care "spend downs." We can also provide guidance on choosing one-on-one home care and help explain what can be expected in terms of the financial support from Medicaid.

We will then explain how you can protect Medicaid eligibility on a long-term basis thus eliminating five years of spending family assets for the care of loved ones. Attorney Olga Berdé Mahl will discuss spend down and look-back period issues, and how working with an experienced advocate at our firm can help your situation.

We handle all issues pertaining to long-term care planning, including estate preservation and protecting family assets. Aside from protecting your family's assets, we can also help you with all the details in choosing a caregiver and how you can keep your parents at home with effective elder care planning.

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