Coop and Condominium Properties

Olga Berde Mahl is a specialist in coop and condo acquisitions, sales, financing and the assessment of the underlying issues and financial risks in each of these forms of ownership.

Coops: Owning a cooperative apartment is different from buying a house. You need a lawyer who understands the complexities of coop and condo ownership. Olga Berde Mahl knows how to read their financial statements, knows what to look for to let you know after due diligence the likelihood of an increase in your monthly maintenance (rent). She knows how to advise you on the strength of your investment in the ownership are not an owner, but a tenant in a building owned by a corporation run by its board of directors. There are many rules and regulations and risks involved in owning a cooperative apartment or loft, as there are in owning a condominium.

Olga Berde Mahl is an expert in finding out the details affecting your pocket book and investment.

Dealing with coops requires specialized real estate knowledge and a seasoned attorney with experience. Olga Berde Mahl is just such an attorney keeping your interests always foremost in representing you.

Olga Berde Mahl, is a specialist in coop and condo creation, representation, and representing buyers and sellers, having converted over 150 buildings to residential coop and condo ownership during her career as an expert real estate attorney. She is in your corner, assuring you get the most on a sale and get the best and most secure property on your purchase.

Condominiums: Condos are more like owning your own home. You pay your own real estate taxes, but also like a coop, are responsible for monthly maintenance upkeep costs for the operation of the building which is governed by a board of managers (similar to a board of directors but with different powers). If the building requires major capital improvements you may be assessed a special charge (which can be substantial) to pay for such improvements and repairs.

Subletting your condo apartment to whomever you wish, may NOT BE THE REALITY as most modern condo regulations require a review by the board of managers.

You may wish to sell your condo to whomever, you choose, but the board of managers has the right to review all the details of the buyer, but cannot turn down the buyer unless the condo purchases the unit at the same contract price.

OLGA BERDE MAHL is your specialist real estate attorney to protect your interests, and help you get the financing you may need to purchase or provide you with assistance to find tax protection on your sale.

OLGA BERDE MAHL closes coop and condo transactions in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau County, Westchester County, Suffolk County, New Jersey and throughout the United States.