International Business Trade And Finance

Olga Berde Mahl has been as active entrepreneur and attorney on the international scene since the early 1990's. Her experience in international trade with U.S. and foreign countries include doing business from all corners of the globe from the former Soviet Union territories of Russia, Ukraine to Turkey, Romania, Hungary (several large projects and joint ventures), Pakistan, Israel, China, Japan, Korea, Venezuela, Caribbean, Ghana, Iran and other countries around the globe.

Olga Berde Mahl's international experience also covers real estate leasing transactions in the U.S. for foreign business interests and individuals, overseas Estates, contract negotiations and contract disputes, construction and construction finance, factoring for international purchase and sales, U.S. government subsidies for U.S. exports, finance between countries, banks and individuals, Letters of Credit. She knows the details to ensure a successful business transaction.

Most Importantly Olga Berde Mahl has represented MANY FOREIGN investors in U.S real estate and other ventures.