Protecting Your Interests In Real Estate

New York has very specific laws involving the purchase, sale and other transfers of real estate.

At the law firm of Olga Berdé Mahl & Associates, we can help your family with all aspects of this. For residential transactions, we provide skilled guidance on financing, drafting of the contract, closing or other necessary arrangements. We can also show you how to reap the benefits of the business you have built while minimizing the tax consequences of your real estate transactions.

Offering A Broad Range Of Real Estate Representation

Our law firm offers sophisticated legal services to help clients comply with applicable laws while achieving their goals. In addition to facilitating residential purchases and sales, our services cover:

  • Co-ops and condominiumsCo-ops and condos raise unique issues. We can help you protect your interests during a conversion and at all other times.
  • Commercial leasing — With our attorney's experience in business law, we can take action to resolve issues regarding commercial leases.
  • 1031 exchanges — When exchanging one property for another, awareness of the tax considerations is critical. Our law firm will show you how to proceed to take full advantage of tax benefits.
  • Financing — We have extensive experience helping people secure appropriate funding for real estate purchases or projects. Our firm can also assist with business law issues.
  • Estate planning — Real estate represents a major asset for most individuals. Transferring assets to heirs while maintaining rights to remain in your home is possible, but it must be done with care.

Schedule Your First Appointment With Our Lawyer

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