§1031 Tax-Free Exchanges

If you are a business owner or prospective real estate investor in New York City or throughout the United States, you should investigate the advantages of pretax planning and IRS 1031 tax-free exchanges.

Manhattan attorney Olga Berdé Mahl has more than 40 years of experience handling pretax planning matters, shielding them from tax consequences. She has the skills and legal resources to protect appreciated assets and maximize profits from generational real estate asset transfers tax free. If a real estate transaction or business ownership issue looms in your foreseeable future, she can work with you to identify the best financial and tax planning strategies.

Olga Berdé Mahl is available to provide you with a clear explanation of your options for pretax planning and 1030 tax-free exchanges. To discuss your situation with her, contact her law firm online or call 914-336-2080.

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A 1031 tax-free exchange allows taxpayers to defer capital gains on profits from investment or commercial properties if the funds are used to purchase "like-kind" investment property.

Olga Berdé Mahl & Associates represents real estate business investors, art collectors and others throughout this process to ensure that critical timelines and other restrictions are followed. She is committed to protecting her clients' financial interests while keeping them fully informed on potential refinance options and limitations of 1031 tax-free exchanges.

IRS 1031 tax-free exchanges are quite complex. Presales tax planning attorney Olga Berdé Mahl is available to help investors navigate the legal process and identify the requirements for using 1031 tax-free exchanges:

  • Property you relinquish must be a qualifying property — business property or assets held for investment purposes.
  • A replacement property title must be entered in the same name(s) titled for the relinquished property.
  • Replacement property must be of "like kind."
  • There is a 45-day rule for identification of or closing on replacement property.
  • There is a 180-day rule for receipt of replacement property.

A 1031 exchange constitutes a tax deferral — not an avoidance of taxation. Lawyer Olga Berdé Mahl will work with you to make sure you fully understand this taxation strategy, so you can make informed decisions safeguarding your financial interests.

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