Purchasing a piece of property is a large investment that takes planning and financing. Navigating mortgage loans and working with lenders can be complicated and overwhelming. Loan applications are detailed, and you must be thorough and accurate as you complete them.

Olga Berdé Mahl & Associates has prevalent professional relationships with numerous banks, and our attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of how to read and evaluate financial statements and applications. We want to make your real estate dreams a reality and ensure that you qualify for and receive the loan amount you intend.

Guiding You Every Step Of The Way

The key to a successful real estate transaction is knowledgeable purchase, development and financing. Choosing the right partner for your real estate endeavor is vital to your success. The first step to buying a home or property is to get the mortgage process started. There are several types of loans out there, and a good lender will help you understand which loan is right for your circumstances.

Our lawyers have years of experience helping our clients prepare loan applications. We will work as your advocate, listen to your goals and evaluate your applications to ensure that you are applying for the amount you need. Banks are picky, and understanding how to represent your financial situation through the application process is vital to loan approval.

Olga Berdé Mahl & Associates offers legal services for a variety of real estate and business matters. Our background and vast experience have given us the opportunity to garner important connections with several banks and lenders. We will use our resources, experience and knowledge of the law to guide you through the process. We will be by your side every step of the way and help you find the right financing option so you can close on your purchase.

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